Updated: April 2013

Addicted Hosting accept no responsibility for activities conducted in the chatrooms.

CamFrog Tos
All individuals purchasing hosting with Addicted Hosting should ensure that Camfrog Terms of Service are enforced at all times. Click for CamFrog T.O.S..

All individuals purchasing hosting with Addicted Hosting should ensure that no activity takes place in the room that is illegal under the laws applicable to the region in which the room is shown as located.

Missed PayMent
In the event of missed payment you should contact us within 24 hours to make suitable arrangements, failure to do so could result in the room being suspended until payment is received, or even the room being closed.

Server & Bot Codes.
All serial codes provided to us will be released at the end of service and deleted from our servers.

In the event that Addicted Hosting can no longer permanently fulfil the requirements detailed in the "Price" section, then the arrangement will be cancelled and any refund due will be paid.

Additional Charges
Additional charges may be due if your room capacity is consistently stretched. Addicted Hosting will contact you in advance if this is the case, to make a suitably mutual agreement.

Room Names
Room name changes can be made at any time. The first five will be made free of charge, thereafter a 2.50/$5.00 fee will apply. You may have to wait up to 48 hours for the changes to be made, subject to staff availability.

Abuse to any member of the Addicted Hosting Owners, Administrators or Operatives will not be tolerated, and can result in the immediate termination of any agreement without refund, subject to the discretion of Addicted Hosting.

If you are registering an 18+ room, you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18. You must be of legal age in your respective country to purchase hosting with us and have suitable means of payment.

Room Excess
Rooms which stretch our bandwidth limits on a regular basis may require a different pricing structure as follows :-
Classic (176x144) 70 users
Recommended (264x216) 50 users
Super (352x288) 40 users
further information is available from any of our admin staff.

We reserve the right to terminate your room at any point and issue a refund if we suspect that activities conducted by individuals, either diectly or indirectly, in the room could cause harm to Addicted Hostings' ability to provide services to other customers.

Some of the rooms that we host are managed through a reseller programme. Resellers are required to ensure that both Addicted Hosting TOS and Camfrog TOS are applied to all rooms that they host on our behalf. The Terms of Service apply to all of our Reseller Accounts. Any room which is managed by a Reseller should firstly direct any queries to their Reseller. Where any issues cannot be resolved by the Reseller, then the Reseller should contact Addicted Hosting directly. Addicted Hosting reserve the right to monitor and enforce Camfrog TOS and Addicted Hosting TOS in any room hosted by us.